About EFN

About Egan, Field, & Nowak:

Egan, Field & Nowak, Inc. (EFN) is Minnesota’s most experienced land surveying company. We know of no older surveying firm in Minnesota. Our tradition of excellence began in 1872 with J.E. Egan’s first office near the banks of the Mississippi River. Each passing decade has strengthened our foundation as one of the largest and most respected surveying firms in the upper Midwest. Having over 140 years of roots in the industry, we offer an unparalleled wealth of records, experience and knowledge to our valued clients in the public and private sectors of land surveying, energy and civil engineering. In addition, the historical survey records at Egan, Field & Nowak are often relied upon by other surveyors in the region as the only reference of how ancient surveys were performed in the area.

Today, our approach to quality is the same as it was in 1872, but we now employ the latest technologies to achieve that goal. Our workflow is completely digital, our field and office personnel utilize state-of-the-art technology to efficiently provide the most accurate and complete surveys and plans in the industry. With service based on knowledge, accuracy, clarity and professionalism, we work to assure successful achievement of project milestones while meeting the demands of fellow professionals.

Egan, Field & Nowak, Inc. has offices in Minneapolis, MN and Omaha, NE. We are licensed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma as Land Surveyors and Engineers. We are also licensed as Professional Engineers in Indiana.

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