Civil Engineering

Egan, Field & Nowak, Inc. also provides civil engineering services. Past design projects have included banks, car dealerships, car washes, churches, commercial sites, health care facilities, industrial sites, parking lots, residential subdivisions, restaurants, retail stores, self-storage facilities, veterinary facilities and wireless communication facilities.

EFN offers Site Engineering, Water Resources, and Wireless Communication Facilities services to a variety of clients including architects, private developers, municipalities, counties and builders. Whether you are an architect, a municipality, or a private developer, with development needs for an existing or a new site, EFN would love to engineer your site.

Site Engineering

Prior to any new construction, a civil engineer should be consulted. Site Engineering is sometimes referred to as site design, municipal engineering, or land development. Whether your site is a simple parking lot, a residential subdivision, or a large commercial development, we can work with you to come up with a design that is feasible and practical. Site Engineering begins early on in the process with a planning and permitting phase, progresses into a design phase, and can continue with a bidding phase and a construction phase if desired by the client. This work can include a site survey, a site layout plan, utility coordination and design, coordination with the client and/or municipality, preparation of construction drawings and specifications, and providing construction services.

Wireless Communication Facilities

In addition to surveying hundreds of wireless communication towers, EFN staff has performed engineering services for raw land and co-locate sites throughout the Midwest. Engineering services can include attending site walks, coordinating with the survey crew for needed topography, preparing zoning and/or construction drawings, preparing photo simulations, coordinating with the client throughout the process, and coordinating with utility companies or contractors as necessary. The construction drawings are engineered so that they meet all requirements of the wireless carrier and satisfy the local municipality.

Water Resources

Storm water is a very important component associated with all civil engineering projects. EFN staff has the experience to manage the water resources or storm water for each site. The reviewing agencies and adjacent property owners always want to know what will happen to the storm water when the project is completed. Water Resources can include storm sewer design, creating a site grading plan, creating an erosion control plan, detention basin design, and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) design and management.