Egan, Field & Nowak’s energy sector has provided services for a variety of clients in the energy industry including gas, oil and power companies; contractors; and other consultants. Our staff can provide preliminary route surveys, easement preparation, construction staking and as-built surveys among other services available to clients in the energy sector. Egan, Field & Nowak, Inc. has also been involved in several large scale pipeline projects throughout the country.

Preliminary Route Survey

The preliminary route survey is the most important development stage of an energy project. The preliminary route survey is used for detailed design, determining the affected land owners and giving the end user a tool to help estimate project costs. The preliminary route survey is a land survey that depicts constructability features of the project such as topography, property lines and roadways. EFN has a proven track record with our clients in completing preliminary route surveys on time and on budget.

Easement Exhibits

Easement exhibits and easement sketches are survey plats or maps that are used for right-of-way acquisition. These easement exhibits are included in the documents submitted at the county recorder’s office. The easement exhibit contains a graphical representation of the land owner’s entire tract of land, including the location of the easement. It also has a written description of the easement for recording purposes. Preparing easement exhibits requires field research of government corner information and property boundaries in addition to detailed office computations. EFN’s team of professionals and technicians has the experience needed to complete the easement exhibits in a timely and accurate manor.

Construction Staking and As-Builts

Construction staking is marking the locations of proposed utilities, buildings, workspaces, property lines and access areas for the purpose of constructing a project. EFN’s office survey technicians compute the location of proposed facilities according to the proposed plans for a given project. Our field crews then utilize that information to layout all items needed for construction of the project. We work directly with the site construction managers to layout the site in the most efficient manner so the contractors can install all facilities smoothly.

Once the facilities are installed we will perform an as-built survey. We will locate the post constructed facilities for use in an overall base map or GIS system. The data can then be used for future design, calculations and Gopher One-Call locate purposes.

Integrity Surveys

Egan, Field & Nowak is able to provide multiple Integrity Survey services. Our specialized survey team can assist you with the following items: Placement of above ground markers (AGM) for tracking purposes; Creating final reports depicting pipeline stationing, depth of cover, monument tie locations, mapping and geodetic coordinates; In-line inspection tool tracking services (PIG Tracking); Measurement and staking of pipeline dig locations; and Water Course Crossing Surveys.

Pipeline Utility Sweeps

Egan, Field & Nowak will prepare safe work area surveys identifying above and belowground facilities prior to disturbance or excavation. Crews perform utility sweeps and are supplied with a predetermined procedure and job checklist. Our field trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art utility locators that have been tested for reliability and precision. EFN crews receive up to 40 hours of yearly training in utility locating. Clients are supplied with a digitally generated map showing utility locations.